14. May 2006 · Comments Off on Happy Blogmother’s Day · Categories: General

(Cross-posted at DragonLady’s World.)

I have sat and tried to think, “Who is my Blogmother?” having seen David’s Blogmother’s reminder post. I have finally come to the conclusion that I have 3 Blogmothers.

Blogmother #1 is CelticElff. I created my first blog after reading hers because I thought it would be a good way to keep family and friends updated, as well as blow off some steam.

Blogmother #2 is Michelle Malkin. I hesitatingly include her because she never answers my emails or posts any comments I make to her via email. However, she is how I found Blogmother #3 by relaying the call out for contributors to The Daily Brief.

Blogmother #3 is SgtMom of The Daily Brief. She let me join their milblog team giving me my first break into “mainstream” blogging. Plus, she hasn’t kicked me off the team yet for lack of posting.

So, I would like to give a hearty “Thank You!” to all three blogmom’s, and wish all three a Happy Mother’s Day, as they are all real mom’s, too.

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