17. October 2004 · Comments Off on Harsh Treatment Tactics at Gitmo · Categories: General

The New York Times on 10/17/04 contains an article by Neil Lewis reporting that harsh tactics during interrogations are being used at our terrorist living facility in Cuba. Well, golly gee, should we be entertaining these swine with tea and crumpets? Perhaps we should be asking them if their cells are comfortable, or if they would like their own bomb-making manuals, of if they would like classes on the best way to use an AK-47 in combat, or maybe have for their use a complete library of Osama’s best hits?

Come on, Mr. Lewis, these are folks who, if let loose, would slit your throat while you’re trying your best to make them happy! I refer you to the latest news out of Pakistan, where one of the terrorists who was deemed not to be a threat and was released is holding hostages with bombs strapped to them. What would those poor guys have to say about harsh treatment in Gitmo? Of course, we should show them how real human beings treat each other, but at the same time, “no coddling” rules should be followed. And what do we do with the others who were released and then found to be back on the battlefield, fighting against our brave soldiers once again? Sorry, but I can’t find it in my otherwise kind (I hope) heart to give any one of them a break. Caught on the battlefield, while trying to kill American soldiers? The slammer is just too good for them. And that’s my word.

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