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Some BIG NEWS from NashvilleCityPaper.com:

Next Tuesday The City Paper is going to start running the best of Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson’s classic comic strip about a 6-year-old boy and his real-only-to-him tiger. When it originally ran from 1985-1996, it was an incredibly popular strip, and there are still more than a dozen collections still in print.


The strips are being re-released in honor of the publication of The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, similar to The Complete Far Side from 2003 — a lush, three volume hardback set of all 3,160 Calvin & Hobbes strips. Watterson has written the introduction to the book and has produced six new art panels for the front and back book covers. It’s going to be released on Oct. 4 by Andrews McMeel.

Certainly, a MUST READ, come October. In the meantime, if anyone knows of a paper carrying the C&H strips online, please let me know.

Update: UComics.com has the strips from 9/7/94 thru 9/20/94. Are these the same as have appeared in the papers?

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