04. August 2005 · Comments Off on Help Kate Get Her Teef Back · Categories: Site News

The Venemous One has managed to do a complete number on herself by attempting to eat the handlebars of her bicycle. Those fad diets…glad I don’t go there… She’s lost about eight of her front teeth. That’s right, EIGHT. Tops and bottoms. She’s made the “Deliverance” reference already, as did Day by Day, no reason to (SQUEALLLLL) take that any further that we need to.

But she does need our help. Got a couple extra bucks, GIVE.

Yeah, I KNOW she’s an officer’s wife but she’s never been one of THOSE officer’s wives, she’s cool…no…really…and I’m a guy who doesn’t like officer’s wives just because…

On a side note…don’t you feel better knowing that TriCare Dental can’t manage to work something out when everything goes wrong?

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