05. November 2004 · Comments Off on Hence, The Problem · Categories: Ain't That America?

I was watching The Daily Show the other night when Jon Stewart had New York Senator, Chuck Schumer as his guest. The two men were still in shock from the “ass paddling” (Stewart’s words) the Dems took on Tuesday. And Stewart had the key question and they both kind of missed the significance of it. Stewart said something along the lines of, “Are they right? Are we media elitists who are really THAT out of touch with the rest of the country?”

Yes, you are. And I understand it. When I joined the Air Force I had but one prejudice…Rednecks. Easy Bubbha, I got over it…no reason to get the Dale Earnhardt Commemerative Shotgun down off the wall…we’re cool. But back then I was from a CITY. I was EDUCATED. I was SMART. I knew a lot about THE ARTS. I was TOLERANT. Hence…better than you backwoods treckin’, gone fishin’, sheet wearin’, Jeezuz Lovin’, NASCAR watchin’ crackers who obviously wanted to be us dashing urbanites, but you didn’t know how. Yes…I was that stupid when I was young. Not only did I not know but worse, I didn’t know that I didn’t know…ya know?

Hence the problem with most Urban Dwelling Democrats today. They don’t know that they don’t know. Tolerant of minorites? Sure. Tolerant of Gays? Of course. Tolerant of the folks who live outside the urban and suburban concrete and asphalt mazes and who actually believe in their God, in their country, in their family? Dear…don’t be droll, it doesn’t become you.

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