14. December 2005 · Comments Off on Hey, Ninya – Look This Way · Categories: General, That's Entertainment!

I routinely either applaud or deride reality TV shows on this blog. But I have been silent about the various casino shows. Well, one that has captured my interest is the Discovery Travel Channel’s “American Casino” .

Well, part of that may have to do with the fact that I am impressed with that Green Valley Ranch, and its sister Station Casinos are so classy, while still being down-to-Earth and anathematic – a rare thing in Vegas these days. But I must admit that it has largely to do with the fact that I find the Hotel Manager, Ninya Perna, so damn hot!

Well, on tonight’s episode: “The New Spa”, we find her computer dating – oh yeah! Well, on the broader measure, she may have the depth of a wading pool – we don’t really know. But she’s totally professional at what she does – and that scores big points with me.

But alas, we find out, at the end of the episode, that she is already seeing someone, and was just doing the compu-date thing to appease her friend. *Kevin mopes away – heartbroken* 🙂

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