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Well, here I sit, on the side of the bed, IV running, hooked up by phone line and running through AOL. The surgery on Friday went very well, and I have some weird-looking device on my left leg that Nurse Jenny says is a “cam-walker.” It’s sorta like a boot that goes up to the knee. But I can’t yet put any weight on the left leg. I’ve been up, on a walker, hopping up and down the hall like a wounded rabbit, trying to get myself broke outta this place! They say I can go tomorrow. Don’t know how long before I’ll be able to outrun Nurse Jenny, but all in time…..*sigh*

I have been up a couple of times, just reading, but today I felt I could say HI to all my friends here, it won’t be long until I can find something to start another fire about.

God bless, folks, be back soon. Time for the dilaudid and zzzzz.zzzz

Update 5/24: Bustin’ out day. The doc says go home, so I ain’t letting the door hit me in…..you guessed…..

Thanks for all the kind words, and Kayse, I got out some shorts and ditched the ventilated gown, the world couldn’t stand that sight!

See y’all from home next time!

UPDATE 200505250600Z: Yeaaa! Home in my own bed! BTW Kevin, I had to leave the dilaudid behind,and yes, the doc was kind enough to keep me out of postop pain. Actually, right now I don’t have any pain.

OK, back to bedybye…..

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