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So, it seems from this article, there is a push to get Americans to behave more… well, to blend in more, when traveling overseas. Sounds like more of the same that the military audience used to get, and no doubt is still getting; speak softly, don’t get into discussing politics, avoid certain places and situations. It was all very good advice, especially since there were places where it might save your life, never mind the social embarassment of being— oh, the horror!— snubbed.

After a couple of years of being lectured about host nation sensitivities, and how to play down your service status and nationality, and all that, some of us used to try and work out the most offensively possible one-liners; a line absolutely guaranteed to get straight to the point of pissing off any member of our various host countries to whom they might be said.

So, without further ado, here are the top three….

#3 — “All (insert nationality here) women are whores!”

#2 —“We kicked/saved your ass in World War I/World War II!”

And #1 (insert drum roll here)

“How much is that in real money?”

(Link found, thanks to LGF. Readers are invited to contribute their own uniquely offensive line in comments.)

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