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I can’t say that I liked additional duties, but they were necessary. One I had at Tinker was PRF (Personnel Readiness Folder) Monitor for the squadron. Each flight had one, too. The way I approached this one was to keep up with any changes in requirements from Group, and pass this info to each flight so that everyone would have everything up-to-date and correct in their individual folders. This was part of readiness to deploy on short notice. Basically, I kept the most current checklist and distributed it to the rest of the squadron. This checklist listed every item you were to keep in your 6 part PRF, and was also one of the required items in the PRF.

About the time I got this dubious honor, we started the buildup to an ORI (Operational Readiness Inspection). ORI’s produced several practice run exercises prior to the actual inspection. During one of the practice Air Mobiles, several squadron personnel were simulated deployed, which included a PRF check. Now, of course the rest of the squadron’s PRF’s needed to be checked too, as you never know when or who might be a replacement. So each flight brought me a boxful of PRF’s to check…by myself. There were probably 50-80 folders to go through. Not hard mind you, but oh so mundane. To this day I have the immunization requirements memorized.

It took me about 3-4 days to finish as I still had to do my primary job. I would just go through the checklist. For each requirement on the list, you either had it or you didn’t. I think out of all four flights, there were maybe 5 folders that passed. All the others had at least one thing wrong. A MSgt from one of the flights looked at the results for his flight, and then looked at me. “You are the PRF Dragon Lady.” As far as the actual ORI, our squadron received a 100% passing score on PRF’s.

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