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Hiya folks. I’m Detailed Recruiter, newest contributor to the fine folks at the Daily Brief. I’m an Army recruiter assigned to USAREC. Been in the Army for a while now. I don’t have any awesome, exciting, scary, stressful, or emotional stories to tell about my involvement fighting insurgents in Iraq or Taliban hold-outs in Afghanistan. I’m a recruiter so my vital role in the War on Terror is providing the strength. Most of my awesome, exciting, scary, stressful, or emotional stories are about my dealing with the activity of finding people who want to serve.

I love America. I love serving her. I love serving in the Army. The Army has treated me very, very well. It’s allowed me to go further than I’d have ever gone without it. Recruiting lets me take my experiences and stories and hopefully encourage two people a month to make the same commitment. It’s also one of the hardest jobs the Army has, with stresses, pain, and requirements unique in the service.

My participation in the Daily Brief is something I’d never have thought would happen when I started this week. But events transpired that have brought me here. I hope to some day get to talk about those events, and if someone guesses feel free to shoot me an email or mention it in comments. Those who knew me before coming here are always welcome in my in box.

Anyways, enough about me. The day is done. I want to thank the folks at Daily Brief for lowering their standards by accepting me, and Mr. Connors for taking pity on a wayward waif like myself.

On a side note, I’ve only used Blogger before so if I jack something up here, blame it on my training wheels being taken off.

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