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The most exciting news I’ve heard today, from John Fund at WSJ:

No TV series — not even “Star Trek” — has quite achieved the quirky cult status of “The Prisoner,” which first ran on British and U.S. networks almost 40 years ago. It now looks as if the show, which still airs in re-runs in some 60 countries, will be making a comeback next year.


The British magazine Broadcast reports that the Sky One channel has commissioned eight new episodes of the series. Executive producer Damien Timmer says they will deal “with themes such as paranoia, conspiracy and identity crisis.” The episodes will be partly written by Bill Gallagher, a creator of the BBC series “Conviction,” an edgy police drama about vigilante behavior in society.

Now, if we can just convince John Cleese to give us a few more eps of Fawlty Towers… 🙂

Update: Rumors of this have been floating around car guy circles for a month or so now. The biggest question: will the star drive a Caterham 7? But there’s a basic mistake being made here, in saying McGoohan drove a Caterham in the original series. Admittedly, I was only 10 years old when the series came out, and, while I watch The Prisoner reruns on BBC America, I haven’t really given it any thought since then. But, as I recall, Caterham didn’t even exist in 1967, and McGoohan drove an original Lotus 7 series II.

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