03. December 2004 · Comments Off on I Don’t Like Spam · Categories: General

I just got done deleting 50, that’s right five-oh, spam ads for something ending in “-ine” that were que’d up in our comments holding area.

Which brings me to this story I’ve seen around about Lycos’ new screen saver which sends multiple requests to spammers’ servers, thus slowing them down.

As soon as their server is back up, I’ll be downloading that one.

Attention Spammers: No one here is going to let your spam into our comments, you’re wasting your time, your money, and you’re pissing us off. I like playing Texas Hold-’em and really, who’s against a bigger erection? But you want to advertise for it here? Get ahold of Mom or Stryker and BUY AN AD!

Update on the Screensaver. Figures…

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