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I do not wish to single out any one person in a post, ever. Nor do I wish to be mean-spirited to anyone here or anywhere else. Should you ask anyone who knows me, even anyone who was with us last Saturday at the 43rd reunion of our high school class, I’m sure the answer would be that I’m kind, fair, and that I love people. Also, I believe people would say that I live my life according to the Word of God in every way that I know how, that I love the Lord Jesus and that my love for people stems from that. But here on this one post I have to divert from my normal principles, I have to name someone, and I apologize ahead of time for having to do that, but I have been backed into a corner along with a lot of other folks and I’m coming out of this corner aggressively. Kayse, I’ve bent over backwards being nice to you, but your comment responding to Timmer’s query cannot go unchallenged. Before I give my response, let me state that I too recognize that you are entitled to your opinion no less than anyone else, and those of us who have spent time in the military were and are there for the purpose of defending your right to disagree with anyone you choose.

When you say that you don’t trust your government, it gets personal. Because I, and Timmer, and Sgt Mom, and all others who here on this site were in the military or worked for civil service, ARE that government. Remember, Abe Lincoln stated that our government was of, by, and for, the people. Be that the case, you as well, are part of that government. So, just which right have you lost? You said you had lost your right to privacy. Just who, and how, has your privacy been violated? Who in the Homeland Security Department has harrassed you? How have they punished you? What has anyone in this country, part of our government, done to punish you? If you think people who work for that dark, mysterious entity that you call the government are not accountable for their actions, then you are sadly, grossly, mistaken. Let me give you an example. I work for the Army as a paramedic. In my position I have the vital statistics, including SSAN’s, of my patients, in my hands. You think I’m not accountable for how I handle that information? Then you’re as full of sh** as a Christmas turkey!! If I were so much as to write that stuff down on the wrong piece of paper, much less take any of it home with me, I’d lose my job! And the same goes for anyone else who is employed by the government. I don’t care what department, or career path you mention, we are entrusted with protecting you and your information, in many cases, to the death. It’s insulting as hell to anyone in the military for you to casually make such an assinine statement.

And get this straight. It is not the fault of your government that you cannot “easily” fly from one destination to another. You need to get it straight in that red-haired head of yours, that it was n0t the government that flew four planes full of innocent passengers to their deaths, taking nearly 3,000 other innocent citizens to their deaths. DAMMIT, IT WAS ISLAMOFASCIST TERRORISTS! Your head is just not on straight, because it was the government that you hate that instituted safety measures to protect your hide. If I sound angry, you’re dang right I am. I am angry that you so easily insult those who are bound by honor and by law to protect you, and you whine and snivel because it’s not “easy” for you to fly. What in hell do you propose? That we just open up and let anyone who wants to, get on aircraft, even if they want to crash that plane into a building or a ball game? Dadburn, woman, you sound like you’re nuts! You’d better be thanking God that you have a government that wants to keep the idiot suicide bombers at bay elsewhere instead of downtown your town. You’d better be grateful that you are a citizen and CAN get a driver’s license, or an ID card, if and when it comes to that. BTW, they can’t get that ID system out fast enough for me. I don’t worry, I already have one, it’s called a military ID.

Your comment that government employees are compiling “dossiers” on all of us is another stupid, idiotic idea. That belongs with the Area 51 and other such conspiracy theories. Who killed JFK? Have you seen Elvis lately? AARRRRGGGHHH! No one in the government gives a rat’s behind about who you are, and they certainly don’t have time to compile a dossier on you. They’re too busy protecting your butt from another attack. You need to take a deep breath and sit back, enjoy the sunshine and the freedoms you have. We do not live in a Soviet-style country, you can relax and forget all this stuff.

Your comments about ministers was uncalled for as well. You don’t have to go to any church, listen to any minister, or subscribe to any faith that you don’t want to. So, leave ministers and churches out of it. No one there is bothering you. Your so-called “fundamentalist” preachers were here, preaching the very same message, long before President Bush came along, and they will still be there, preaching the same thing, long after he has passed into history.

To cap all this off, you say you are afraid to voice your concerns, fearing someone may put some hit team on you to erase you??? Come on, if you think that way, you need a psychiatrist! No such thing exists in this country, and we are here to insure that it never does happen. I’ve had enough of this. If you are not comfortable here, maybe you might feel more at home on DU, the Democrat Underground, or on Kos’s site. They seem to voice the same ideas that you appear to be comfortable with. However, if we don’t scare you too bad, you’re welcome to stay here and give us more of your ideas. Who knows, you may find others who agree with you! And I promise you, I’ll do my best, as will the others here, to keep the “hit squads” on other targets and away from you.

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