11. November 2004 · Comments Off on I Must Be Hooked! · Categories: General

The news was bad. I went into renal shutdown, my heart started skipping beats, and nothing digested as my appetite went to zero. After two days in ICU, and then several hours on machines, a miracle happened: SGTSTRYKER CAME BACK UP ON LINE!! HALELLUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD (AND THE ENGINEERS,ETC)

I never knew how addicted I was to writing here, nor did I realize how precious the friendships had become. Thanks so much, Sgt. Stryker, Sgt. Mom, Kevin, Sparkey, and all those who worked to get our means of communicating back into operation. I had become so twitchy that Jenny was about to kick me out and make me live in the barn. Now things are better. I just took my laptop and my PJ’s out of the wheelbarrow (What, you thought I had a tractor? In your dreams, I wish I could afford one. Giddyap, Daisy!) It’s nice to actually have heat again, to sit at a desk wothout shooing chickens away. Glad to see y’all again, keep it hopping!


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