16. February 2005 · Comments Off on I Simply Don’t Care (MJ Edition) · Categories: Stupidity, That's Entertainment!

Is it just me? I don’t care about the whole Michael Jackson thing. It’s not that I don’t think he did it; It’s not that I think he did it; It’s complete apathy about the entire situation. I simply don’t think it’s breaking news that he was rushed to the hospital for the freaking flu.

Why am I supposed to care about this trial? If you’re going to shove another freakazoid reality-slash-Court TV-slash-Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong-slash-American Idol meets The Surreal Life-slash-Where’s The Nanny When You Need Her?-show down my throat would you please cram it all into an hour or two on Fox Entertainment one or two nights a week so I can miss it?
End Rant

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