22. September 2004 · Comments Off on I Smell Bullshit · Categories: General

The Minnisota State Troopers have cited a man riding a Honda 1000 for doing 205mph. This seems like bullshit to me. A CBR1000RR is only good for about 170mph topped out, Even in full Superbike racing specification, they will only do about 190. This bike would have had to been heavily turbocharged, and geared-up.

Of course, if he was riding one of these, I could believe it. 🙂

Update: my thumbnail calculations tell me this bike would have to be putting out about 220 rear wheel horsepower (up from about 150). This is doable, if it’s boosted to about 1.6-1.7 bar.

Update 9/24/04: According to Tom Lepper, Sales Manager at Huntington Honda, this sort of speed is “absolutely impossible”, as no turbo systems currently exist for the CBR1000RR. A check on Goole would seem to confim this.

I would think this case calls into question Minnisota’s arial speed enforcement regime.

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