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I got snail mail today from some Republican Congressman. Apparently, he’s from the local area (2 towns south of me, and our towns are close together), but I’d never heard of him until his donation request showed up in my mailbox. He sounds like a nice guy, but his request came to me about one health bill too late.

My handwritten response is stapled to the donation request (which has my address on it, so they’ll know who I am), and does not include a donation.

Dear Congressman X —

Thank you for your recent donation request. Unfortunately, I cannot help you, for several reasons.

1. I’d never even heard of you until your donation request showed up in my mailbox.

2. If you’re currently in your fourth term, you share part of the blame. President Bush (who I voted for twice) never met a spending bill he didn’t like, and the Republican congress was just as quick to waste my tax money as the Democrat congress has been, although I must admit the Dems are doing it on a much grander scale.

3. After the latest assault on American values, American taxpayers and the US Constitution, I have promised myself that I will not vote for, nor support, any incumbents on the national level.

It’s a small gesture, and probably a futile one, but we all have to take a stand sometime, and this is mine.

my real name

Walking from the mailbox to the house, it was too dark to see if the envelope was from an individual or the Republican party. All I could tell was it was political. Thinking as I walked, I realized that I no longer trust the leadership of the Republican Party to do what’s right for the Country, vs. what’s right for the Party. I don’t know if I’ll ever donate to a political party again, choosing instead to give directly to candidates that earn my support.

So… Sgt Mom for Congress, anyone? I honestly don’t know who else I’d trust to be honest, ethical, etc.

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