17. March 2005 · Comments Off on I Wanna’ Be A ‘Shiner · Categories: General

I’m just thinking I’ve tasted Everclear and Kool-Aid (1:2, with Tropical Punch), Every Scotch – from Invigordon to Royal Salute, azul agave tequilas – both silver and gold, and all the finest brandies. I’ve even tasted hairspray – but only because my GF was into it, and I wondered what the attraction was (it actually wasn’t that bad – very like the Everclear – Kool-Aid thing).

But I don’t just want to make ‘shine – I wanna’ make something special. I want to be sitting around with my wine-making buddies (of which we have many here in California), twenty years from now. And when they say “this in my red zinfandel, 2021 vintage,” I can counter with “this be somethin’ I ‘stilled back in ’08.”

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