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Around here a new Radio Station has popped up calling itself, “106.9 Bob FM.” I only listen to the radio in the car, to and from work, but I’ve been on this station since Monday and have liked the little bit I’ve heard on it.

This morning, Michele links to an article in the Christian Sciene Monitor explaining what appears to be a nationwide format change in radio. Lose the DJs, load a bunch of “hits” onto a computer and hit “shuffle.”

Indeed, several of the converted oldies stations – including WCBS and others in Chicago and Baltimore – have begun wooing younger audiences with a popular new radio format called “Jack.”

The stations, with names like 100.7 Jack FM, share the snarky slogan “playing what we want” and rely on unusually large playlists of songs from the past two or three decades.

Apple must be so proud. The shuffle function on their little music boxes are so popular, radio stations are copying them.

I’m not sure about naming the radio stations though. We have “Jack” and “Bob.” Making a bit of an ewww face here… Well, it could have been worse, one of them could have been “Neil.”

Doing a Diceman, “HEY! Don’t forget to tip your waitress snapperheads.”

Commenter Kai writes in that in her market, the new channel’s name is Charlie. What’s the name of the shuffle playlist radio station in your town?

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