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We are ice cream junkies. I’ve managed to detox down to one (maybe two) pint(s) of Ben and Jerry’s a week. At one time I had a pint a day habit, I’m proud of myself for the reduction, don’t push it. I open a pint, I just toss the lid on the kitchen floor for Max to lick clean and tear apart. Beautiful Wife is the same way. Sometimes one of us will buy a gallon of Rocky Road or Bunny Tracks, and Boyo is a “Two scoops, in a bowl, when you get a chance please.” kind of guy. Vanilla. There is no other flavor as far as he’s concerned. He’s 10, give him a break.

I can’t count how many ice cream scoops we’ve gone through in our first four years of marriage. We’ve bought countless scoops that have a trigger or a lever that runs a band of steel through the scoop to release the ice cream. They’ve all broken. We’ve looked in cooking specialty shops, but I’m not paying $50.00 for an ice cream scoop, besides, most of them look like an amped up version of the ones you can get at Walmart or the Commissary and those are, as Pablo would say, “teh suck.” I’d rather not find myself heavily caffinated and armed in a Crate and Barrel demanding my $50.00 back.
Friends gave us this scoop ten years ago when we were in Germany. She was a Tupperware Lady and didn’t try to recruit Beautiful Wife, so…a REAL friend. We just had to replace it because we paid no attention to the note to not machine wash it and the finish was getting to be more like a bastard file than a slippery chrome. We didnt’ flinch at the $21.00 price. This is the BEST ice cream scoop I’ve ever used. If you don’t machine wash it, it will prolly last much longer than 10 years. Okay, eight years, we were lazy about replacing it, because even when it WAS rough it worked better than anything we’ve had before.
Why do I obsess about an ice cream scoop? Because, in case you missed it, I probably scoop at least two scoops of ice cream every single day of my life. Sometimes up to eight scoops a day. I scoop a LOT of ice cream. I like a scoop that scoops HARD ice cream as easily as soft. This one does.

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