12. June 2005 · Comments Off on If This Is Torture, Where Do I Surrender? · Categories: Media Matters Not, Military

Eugene Volokh explores this article in The Guardian:

Among the most shocking abuses Saar recalls is the use of sex in interrogation sessions. Some female interrogators stripped down to their underwear and rubbed themselves against their prisoners. Pornographic magazines and videos were also used as rewards for confessing.

In one session a female interrogator took off some of her clothes and smeared fake blood on a prisoner after telling him she was menstruating. ‘That’s a big deal. It is a major insult to one of the world’s biggest religions where we are trying to win hearts and minds,’ Saar said. . . .

Eugene’s conclusion is that, while this may be inappropriate, it hardly rises to the level of sexual torture. I might also note that Saar has both a political agenda and a book to sell. But from my other reading on the subject, I don’t recall the term sexual torture being used. So I’m inclined to believe that the application of this term here originated with The Guardian, who’s reporting is frequently tainted by their own agendas.

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