04. October 2005 · Comments Off on If You Didn’t Fear World Government Before… · Categories: Stupidity, World

…Perhaps it’s time to start. The BBC just did a “fantasy election” to find the most popular leaders of a world government. The results:

1 – Nelson Mandela
2 – Bill Clinton
3 – Dalai Lama
4 – Noam Chomsky
5 – Alan Greenspan
6 – Bill Gates
7 – Steve Jobs
8 – Archbishop Desmond Tutu
9 – Richard Branson
10 – George Soros
11 – Kofi Annan

Actually, Branson might not be so bad. Virgin Group is frequently brought up by business pundits as one of the world’s best-run major businesses. One of the key features: a very small headquarters organization, with maximum atonomy given to individual units.

Hat Tip: Tigerhawk

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