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… you’d likely see one of these pictures (hat tip: Instapundit who directs us to the very funny Tim Blair).

These pictures are to be made available “for broadcast and publication in Iraq.”

I’d like to think that many of the people in these pictures are simply clueless and have not considered what this will do to help the opposition in Iraq (thus hurting our troops). This is certainly the case for the unfortunate children in these reprehensible photos.

My guess is that the adults, though, have given little thought to our brave men and women fighting for Iraqi freedom and democracy. So much for the phony “we support the troops” cry of the anti-war crowd. This undermines everything our troops are doing in Iraq. It places them in danger. It hurts morale. Thus, it aids our enemies.

Wonder how many of these people even care.

I think Hindrocket at Powerline says it best:

Frankly, I find it hard to imagine how Iraqis will react to this scheme. Probably it will confirm their impression that America is a rather weird place. I do think I can predict how our troops will respond, however. I think they’ll share my contempt.

Mine too, Hindrocket.

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