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Michele over at A Small Victory is holding a Survey that fits in with our own down below but this time she’s looking for Worst Lyrics Ever in a Rock Song. She’s been a bit blue due to post election moonbats invading her comments and email. Go help her out of it.

In case you didn’t catch me fawning over her over at Digital Warfighter…I’m a huge fan of her blog. She rants and she rants well.

She’s also got a new blog going: I have That On Vinyl. From her first post over there:

“So despite the title, this place won’t be strictly about vinyl records; the name is intended to capture my propensity for revisiting the pop culture of my youth, and even yours.”

She and I are about the same age, so the pop culture of her youth is almost identical to mine which is probably why I like her so much.

And since I’ve already qualified for cyber-stalker status let me add that she’s also a major contributor to The Command Post. If you’re not stopping over there on a regular basis…you just don’t know everything.

Three blogs…sheesh…I guess we’re not that much alike…I actually lost this one for a couple of days…couldn’t find it…weird huh?

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