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It’s been a long time since I last stopped by, but this is the fortieth anniversary of swearing an oath and becoming an Airman Basic, so what better a way to celebrate than to reconnect with old readers, meet new ones, and remember all the friends that I made here in years past. Sgt. Mom has been gracious enough to give me the keys to the house, and I hope to be a welcome and frequent guest.

Past readers may remember Real Wife (she’s still with me after twenty years now) and Red Haired Girl (now a freshmen at a midwest Catholic university). As to the latter circumstance, I will have a lot to say in future posts as to my observations on how the higher education system is working, and the miserable way in which our public schools have contributed to that.

I have also had a ring side seat to the debacle of how our government has been stifling business and innovation in this country. I promise though that now matter how angry it makes me, I will endeavor to present my arguments with a touch of humor and satire.

I feel better already!

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