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…and yes, I do care more about what’s happening on American Idol than what’s happening around our world these days.  I have about as much effect on one as the other and AI doesn’t give me as much of a headache as listening to yahoos on both sides of the spectrum lose their minds over this week’s deep socio/economic/geo-political item of the week.  It’s become painfully apparent that neither party paricularly cares about winning the war against terrorism, so I’ve stopped caring about them other than hoping beyond hope we have a couple of solid candidates to vote for come next fall.  Personally, I’m hoping for Fred Thompson.

Haven’t done this one for awhile.

Last 10 Songs on your Playlist (that you didn’t skip over…be honest):

Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zepplin

Old Love – Eric Clapton

Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly

Dream – Roy Orbison

The Souls of Distortion – Joe Satriani

Say Goodbye to Little Jo – Steve Forbert

Saving Grace – Tom Petty

Sweet Cherry Wine – Tommy James and the Shondels

When You Come – Crowded House

Adagio for Strings – Taliesin Orchestra (If you ever played Homeworld on your computer you’ve heard the version by Yes).


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