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She noticed!:

I was further inspired by some intriguing blog debates last year between Sgt. Stryker [FYI: that would be me – Sparkey, not Stryker] and Is That Legal?. After reading a book by former National Security Agency official David Lowman called MAGIC: The untold story of U.S. Intelligence and the evacuation of Japanese residents from the West Coast during WWII, published posthumously by Athena Press Inc., I contacted publisher Lee Allen, who generously agreed to share many new sources and resources as I sought the truth.

And now I feel it is time for a public service announcement:

(A gentle reminder for those Neanderthal’s whose, ignorance, penchant for creative spelling, and remote locations make it difficult to take their hostile messages seriously – despite the author’s intent. We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.)

To make it easy, here’s a list of my blog entries on the subject.

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History, MAGIC, and Sources

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A Reader’s Insight

I have a big deadline tomorrow, but more soon, I promise!

UPDATE: I fixed the links!

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