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So one of the guys I work with quit unexpectedly yesterday.  He’d given his two week notice on Monday after he’d complained about getting more duties without more pay and then when he came in yesterday, 15 minutes late because  they weren’t willing to accommodate his “need” of coming in and leaving a half an hour earlier than the rest of us because of heavy traffic…he quit.  Ummmm, isn’t that called “rush hour” and doesn’t the rest of the world live with it every day?

I don’t remember the last time I saw someone just “quit” a job.  Here before lunch, gone after.  Didn’t say I word to me…who’s getting all of his duties plus my own.  Quite honestly, I’m still kinda bored.  I don’t see where he was working all that hard, but he’s older than me and has a disability, not one that I can see effects his ability to do office work, but what do I know about his life?

Thank you United States Air Force.  Where other folks see too much work, I just see a quiet, normal day…kinda boring.

I used to say that the Air Force was the easiest job I ever had after being a drug store clerk, mover, roofer, tin man, bartender and a photo lab chemical engineer…not to mention the very few acting and other theatrical paying gigs I had.   Everyone’s asking me if I’m “okay.”  I keep telling them that most of the time in the Air Force I walked into an office weeks, if not months, after the person I was replacing had left.  I’m fine…really…no worries.  If I can’t handle it, I’ll let you know.

I want to giggle like a fool when they ask how I’m doing.  Seriously.  After a year in a call center taking up from 60-100 calls a night, making LESS than I’m making now, this job seems like an absolute breeze.  It helps that I’ve been doing this kind of work for 23 years.  It helps that I don’t have a list of additional duties a mile long to go with them.  The guy who runs the facility is also the safety and security guy.  The IT guy actually shows up, and I’m not kidding, within 10 minutes after calling him!  I KNOW!

So I’m getting an education in the civilian work force…I’ve already learned they can just fire you, even when you admit you’ve messed up, and you really can just up and quit without any notice.

Question for you all…should I just keep taking on more work until I’m comfortable, Air Force style, or should I pad my limit a bit?  I’m not sure I even know how to do that, but thought I’d ask.

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