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I’m tired, Tired of playing the game Ain’t it a crying shame I’m so tired…

Oops, there I go, channeling Lili Van Shtüpp, the Teutonic Titwillow from the movie Blazing Saddles – which cinematic offering must be about the last time we were allowed to meditate on matters racial in a mainstream entertainment offering with wit, good humor and malice towards none. Sad to say, that movie could not have been made in the last ten years, and certainly not this week. The social media meltdown would achieve nuclear levels even before production began, and by premier time would sink through the mantle of Earth to the burning core of it’s molten center, which I wouldn’t mind observing from a safe distance. Because I am tired.
Tired of a lot of things, so tired that I have gone beyond being polite and considerate of others’ feelings. Of what am I tired? Oh, liebling, let me begin the list …

I am tired of the strictures of political correctness which ignores the bleeding evidence of criminality in every degree, up to and including torture and/or murder on the part of black criminals when the victims are white, or at any rate, not black. Actually, I’m pretty tired of black-on-black violence as well. Black Lives only Matter when they are ended violently at the hands of a person who might (at a squint) be defined as ‘not black’, especially when there is the potential for a hefty sum in the offing for a wrongful death settlement. The daily and weekly toll in inner-city urban hell holes goes without comment, on the pages of major establishment national media, except when a case is quite brutally grotesque, and coverage cannot be avoided.

(Yes, indeed – was there any notable racial rampage when a black man threw a small white kid picked at random off a balcony in the Mall of America? When a black policeman panicked and fatally shot the very woman, a white immigrant from Australia, who had called for police in the first place? Or when a young white couple were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a crew of black sociopaths in Knoxville? Or when another sociopath of color videoed himself beating the crap out of elderly nursing home patients … oh, the list of white victims at the hands, fists, guns, etc of black sociopaths could go on endlessly.)

I am tired of diversity, that monstrous insatiable throbbing dick which is unavoidable in entertainment media, especially in commercials and TV programs (among many others.) Yeah, we get it. There are people of color in every commercial, print and broadcast, and now in every historical TV program and movie, over and above their actual representation in the population, at every period of time and in every location. Anyone watching contemporary American TV and scoping out the print ads would think that America was a third to a half black. Instead of being something like a little over ten per cent.

I am tired beyond exhaustion regarding slavery. Yeah, we get it. Slavery … bad. Badbadbad, very bad. And not a whisper in mainstream establishment media about slaves of every color and degree other than Africans sent to the USA. Which is about the only place where slaves didn’t die in droves upon a year or so of arrival, requiring constant replacement by the most brutal means. Honestly, I wish that those who owned cotton plantations had picked their own damned cotton. It would have saved a lot of trouble down the line, including a civil war where one of the major causes was … slavery. Where do descendants of the Union dead from 1861-65 get their reparations and apologies? Or those who were anti-slavery to the point of life, blood and good social standing with their neighbors? Does that count for anything?

I’m tired of those nominated as ‘official leaders’ among the black community. As scurvy a set of knaves, bigots, scam artists and ambulance-chasing frauds as ever infested Tammany Hall in the century before last, and who pop up in mainstream media like toadstools in a well-mown lawn. Yes, I’m looking at you, Al Sharpton, of Freddy’s Fashion Mart infamy, among others.

I’m tired of being pleasantly surprised when a prominent person of color, especially in the sports or entertainment world self-reveals as being a responsible, courteous and upstanding good citizen and parent.

I’m tired of brutal black urban culture … seriously; violent, violently sexual, violently crude. Ostentatiously violent, and violently stupid beyond belief being considered as authentically black? Yeah: live up to every ante-bellum stereotype as the ignorant, sex-obsessed, violent Negro … way to go, urban thug culture! Nothing is so confining as the chains you have hung on yourself.

I’m tired of the decent, hard-working, ambitious citizens of some color being made to feel responsible for the above, through atavistic feelings of racial solidarity. Really.

I’m tired of the game.

And this is where I faint, and the four pickelhalb-wearing solders carry me off-stage in a conga-dance, while the cowboys in the audience fire their revolvers at the ceiling. What are you tired of, after this week?


  1. roadgeek

    I’m tired of seeing prominent white individuals and corporations abase themselves by groveling in front of the blacks. I’m tired of seeing whites taking the knee.

  2. Ranten N. Raven

    I’m tired of watching the commies take over every institution and movement, turning all to a tool for destroying The Constitution.