07. February 2005 · Comments Off on Monster Garage Not What It Used To Be · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I’m currently watching the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage episode, Ultimate Surfmobile. And it is a total disappointment. For one, where is the “monster” element here? For SoCal, this is a run-of-the-mill hot rod. Further, where is the challenge? For this crew, this is a total kit-car build.

Of course, I have some other objections: Like, why, if the wanted the “ultimate woody,” did they not start with a Chrysler? And why didn’t they do it right, and drop the body on a contemporary Tundra, Titan, or F-150 chassis? But that’s esoteric car-guy stuff.

But I think everyone can agree that the production staff at Monster Garage is out of ideas.

Update: They just called it “the world’s only lifted, FWD, surf-woodie.” WRONG. In my life, I’ve seen at least a half-dozen.

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