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The whole commentary process to the original post has come unhinged. EVERYBODY STOP! I have been totally occupied by other matters since the original post, but plan to try to get the discussion on a more constructive tract tomorrow. This is a passionate issue that affects differant countries in pretty much the same way, albeit with differant circumstances. Big surprise – enlarging economic markets and the movement of economic production to formerly third world countries creates a paradigm shift. The corrupt leadership in most Muslim countries only amplifies the effects of this shift. Similarly, bringing current technology to those who felt left out during the the last half century of progress enables vengeance previously unavailable. The Muslim religion is polluted by not only this set of circumstances, but by the fact that the the most radical of Muslim nations and entities are characterized by leadership that has sold them out, both economically and in terms of nation building. No wonder the masses are pissed. Similarly, we grapple with the same problem with Mexico. I know I am paraphrasing, but I do not abide by the notion that any foreign entity should have even the remotest of oppotunity to make this country other that it was prescribed in 1787.

My original point was to say that I will feel much better when I hear a message from American immans that Islam in America is contingent upon adherence to our constitution. The events of last week bring me to the same challenge to the Hispanics. Is that unreasonable? If so, then there will be civil war down the road.


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