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For those of you that haven’t been following Bravo’s Project Runway as closely as I have. Olympus Fashion Week has already happened. The winner of the PR final three hasn’t been announced. But popular opinion among those at the show has it between Kara Saun and Jay McConnell. As always, my money is on Kara.

That said, I can say this about Wendy Pepper: Whatever the absolute measure of her talents, she has had the right designs at the right time. She won the Banana Republic Challenge, and the Nancy O’Dell Grammy Challenge (perhaps the two most momentous of the series). Further, while the judges raked her design over the coals (as they did, to one extent or another, for everyone, save Kara) in the USPS Challenge; to me – she had absolutely the right idea – evolutionary rather than revolutionary. And so it goes with most of what she does – she is in touch with Middle American sensibilities more than most haute couture designers.

Further, I have to add that I have some experience in the world of design (albeit industrial, rather than couture). But it is the same paradigm: Today we do lunch. Tomorrow, I eat your lunch. Next week – who knows? Isn’t it the same in most industries? To think otherwise is infantile.

But enough – on to tonight’s episode: They brought back the eliminated designers (and some of the models) for a final, candid, interview. Only two notes here: First, it established not Wendy, but eliminated designer Vanessa Riley, as the real dragon lady (no relation to our own DragonLady) of this series. But, as I predicted earlier, all the designers pointed to 17 year-old model Melissa Haro as the consummate professional among the group (Morgan wouldn’t even come on the show). As I said, Melissa is America’s next big supermodel.

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