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I don’t know where she was when I was going through Basic…I used to get in trouble for saying, “SIR!  Amn Timmer reports as ordered.” to the female instructors when I was there…and no, I wasn’t alone.

A Lackland Staff Sergeant poses nude in Playboy, and now may be out of a job.

Michelle Manhart, 30, has two children and is married. In the February issue of Playboy magazine, she will be featured in a spread called “Tough Love.” It hits newsstands next week. While those photographs haven’t been made available to the public yet, Manhart’s myspace.com page features the Playboy logo. Pictures of her are posted to the song, “Photograph,” by Def Leppard.

This is another reason I know it’s time to retire…I see nothing wrong with it and know I probably should.  My First Sergeant’s reaction?  “Why don’t *I* ever get these cases?” 

Throughout the military everyone will be laughing and joking and yes, oggling this attractive young lady, but officially they’ll be saying, “Oh it’s wrong.  It’s conduct unbecoming.  Burn her–she’s a witch!” meanwhile I’ll bet you it will sell out at every BX, PX and Navy Exchange faster than any other issue all year.

One of the things that’s always confused me about the U.S. Military.  We’re quiet lechers and public puritans, and most of the time the puritanical part makes me sick in it’s complete and utter hypocrisy.


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