15. March 2005 · Comments Off on iPod Musings, 050315 · Categories: That's Entertainment!

For those of you who have iTunes, they’ve got the live Joss Stone/Melissa Etheridge version of Cry Baby/Piece of my Heart from the Grammys available on an exclusive basis. All proceeds go to City of Hope and The Dr Susan Love Research Foundation. For my 99 cents it may be one of the best songs all year.

I still think Marshall Crenshaw is amazing and never got the credit he deserved. The break in “Whenever You’re on My Mind” still gives me chills. “I never thought I’d be in this situation, it seems where-ever I go I’m with you.” And “Bruce is King” may simply be my favorite display of enharmonics/reverb ever.

I’m loving U2 all over again as I work my way through The Complete U2 that I got with my Special Edition iPod. Okay…I’ll admit it, I originally only bought it because it was a different color. If I hadn’t used the coupon, I would have spent an extra $50.00 on a paint job. But some of the rarities and mix tracks are just plain great.

I get nothing from Apple for talking up my iPod. Although if they wanted to pad my iTunes account, I wouldn’t be offended. I’m a music junkie.

Because I didn’t want Kevin to think I gave up on being a pod person.

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