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Courtesy of Andy Chrenkoff, we find out that the Iraqi Interim Government now has an online presence. Be advised, it’s still in the process of being created, and many links go nowhere, but it’s there.

I must confess that I’ve not been a regular reader of Chrenkoff’s “Good News from Iraq” series, but I think that’s changing, effective today.

I thought his info on their interest and excitement about their upcoming elections (still 2 months away) was a great read, but the part that really excited me was this:

Powerline blog, via one of its readers, brings to our attention the results of an opinion poll, which is not getting any publicity outside Iraq. “[The] poll taken in Baghdad, Mosul and Dehok and published in Iraq on October 25. The poll probably over-sampled Sunnis, which makes its results even more striking:

“63% of Iraqis say that the withdrawal of American and allied forces will not be in the best interest of Iraq, it will undermine the work towards security and control of the country. 27% say that it would be in the best interest of Iraq. 9% had no opinion.

“58% say that terrorists do the kidnappings and assassination of police and soldiers. 9% say that patriots fighting for Iraq carry them out. 32% say ignorant Iraqis who have been brain washed & misled carry them out.

“89% said that the terrorism, kidnapping, beheadings and assassination of police and security forces do not help the freeing of Iraq and the building of a stable country. 6% said that it would help free Iraq and build stability. 4% had no opinion.”

It seems that insurgents are failing not only to win popular support but also to slow down the march towards democracy. Iraq’s Shia religious establishment have now thrown their weight and moral authority behind the election:

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