23. May 2005 · Comments Off on Is Anyone Paying Attention? · Categories: Media Matters Not, Politics

Mickey Kaus presents some good dissertation on the so called “Nuclear Option” (start here, and work up). The basic theme is whether or not it’s wise for the Jackasses or the Dumbos to push this point now, as opposed to when a high-profile nomination for The Supremes comes up.

Well, my position is that, of those who pay attention at all, people are paying attention. This is because a) the MSM, as well as we in the alternative media, are forcing the issue, and b) everyone pretty much knows that this is just a prelude to the next Supreme Court Justice battle, both for the precedent it will set in the appointment process, and that these people, particularly Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown, will be high on Bush’s list of potential nominees

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