20. December 2006 · Comments Off on It’s a Blizzard · Categories: General

…and right now I can JUST see across the street. One of those days where you wondered why you went to work in the first place because we knew this was blowing in and everyone was just waiting to see how bad it was going to have to get before leadership sent us home. I would say they did okay. You could still see almost a block when we left.

I’m thinkin’ we’re not workin’ tomorrow either. Nine to eighteen inches of snow today and tonight propelled by up to 45 MPH winds. I think I’m going to be very happy I bought this thing for our little bit of sidewalk and driveway.

Update: Due to sideways snow, our windows are completely covered on ALL sides of the house. We haven’t got a lot of snow, there are still bare spots on the lawn, but the drifts are climbing to interesting heights.

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