24. June 2005 · Comments Off on It’s a Choice Really · Categories: GWOT

For me it’s this simple. I’m an American. America is at war with Islamic Facists who want me and my family dead for whatever reasons they’ve been sold this week.

Am I going to conduct myself in a fashion that supports my country and its leaders as they try to battle these evil fuckers, or am I going to conduct myself in a manner that aids the enemy?

Yeah, I need to keep it that simple. Otherwise they’ve already won. They have a singleness of purpose, defeat America. We have…people complaining that we’re not being nice enough to the bad guys…people saying we’ve already lost…people saying that we’re doing it wrong without providing any answers for a better way…and these are people who claim to be on our side.

I’ll leave comments open for you all to wrestle if you want. I’ve said all I’m going to say about this.

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