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…43 years old and I still have to spell-check “Wednesday”…

Others are explaining their religious points of view, I thought I’d try something a little more fun and in the spirit of the season as it were.

The most radical and shocking statement that Jesus uttered during his time on earth was:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

Make yourself some mac and cheese and salmon cakes while you reflect on this or just discuss in comments.

Yes…I know John said it first. Jesus picked it up after John was sent to prison and ran with it. But still. It was the wildest thing anyone had said about God or has said since.

To me it means stop waiting. The time to get your collective sh…stuff together is NOW. There are no ordinary moments. We’re spiritual beings on a physical journey not physical beings on a spiritual journey.

2000 years later there’s an entire culture waiting for the end of all things instead of living in this moment as if it was the holiest of times. If Jesus is the Son of God, I can’t imagine how sad he must be.

No…not back on the Percocet…just the kid who thought he might want to be a Priest kicking up.

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