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This post on RedState.org shows that any alarm over possible FEC regulation of bloggers is far from overstated:

The FEC’s first draft, however, starts exactly backwards – with the presumption that the internet must be locked down tight, with only small outlets left open for some meager amount of private speech.

And we’re not forced to read very much into the 45-page rule till we find the principle guiding this bureaucratic effort to regulate the internet:

“Specifically, the definition of “public communication” in 11 CFR 100.26 would be amended to include certain Internet communications that are widely distributed or available to the general public. The proposed definition would specifically exclude Internet communications with a limited distribution, as well as communications on password-protected websites with restricted access, and internal communcations by corporations and labor organizations to their restricted classes and communications by membership organizations to their members.” (Pg 7, line 7)

So, the original attempt to regulate started with the premise that everything was to be regulated except that with limited distribution or on password-protected sites. Now that’s pretty bold – but unfortunately, it’s only the beginning.

I strongly urge you to read the whole thing, and then SIGN THE PETITION.

Hat Tip: InstaPundit

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