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The last time I blogged on something the boss said it generated more discussion than I’ve seen on anything else I’ve ever blogged. Our trackbacks don’t work but according to Technorati only 8 others directly linked to the orginal story but you know how that can grow and the original post gets lost in the ‘sphere as it gets told and retold and commented on. Hell, a comment on the George W. Bush Reservist (I refuse to call it Rathergate) Letters I made on Wizbang turned into a “for what it’s worth” over at Protein Wisdom and then became an “unnamed source” on some other blog I don’t remember the name of. Blogs are nothing if not weird and the story can go way beyond it’s original post. I know that now.

Well, we had another Commander’s Call this week, and the boss acknowledged some of the blogosphere’s “more colorful” commentary on my post with a dry chuckle and a grin that told me I wasn’t being hunted like a dog for talking out of school. Good to know. The last thing on this earth I want is a Marine mad at me, and a 4-star to boot.

Boss, if you’re reading this one, I’m very sorry for any grief that last post may have caused you. I honestly thought it was a very amazing quote and too good to keep in-house.

Just like when you said:

“If you can’t live there, how do you expect to lead the folks that live there?”

“You” being military leaders. “There” being the netcentric work environment. “The folks” being those of us who have become very used to being able to find/move information as fast as we need to and get a little snippy when we can’t.

And he re-iterated, “When I ask a question on my blog I want answers. Let me decide the validity of those giving me answers. I have X amount of time to make a decision, I’d rather have a big hot and sweaty mess of answers to base my decision on than one cold answer that’s had all the life sucked out of it.”

He said a lot of other cool things but if I told you any of that he might have to shoot me.

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