Being myself a person of decided pallor, and increasingly cynical about current social-justice principles being inflicted on captive campus audiences at every level from kindergarten on up through graduate school, I am over in a corner snickering uncontrollably about the current mass freak-out in educational circles over the appearance of anonymous and unsigned posters with the simple declaration that “It’s OK to be White.” No, seriously – these things are apparently “hate-filled … sick and outrageous behavior … revolting actions,” and those found to have participated in distributing the flyers, “subject to the severest disciplinary actions, including dismissal as well as possible civil and criminal actions.”

So much for freedom of speech, open-minded discussion of differences in the realm of academia. So much for respecting differing points of view. Well done, wokiest of the woke in the sacred groves and campus.

For the last couple of decades, and intensifying to a fever-pitch in the last five years, those in charge of our institutes of higher learning seem to have been indulging in a kind of intellectual Olympic contest in who can be wokier than thou when it comes to declaring allegiance to diversity in all things, especially to do with racial and sexual matters and definitions. Being white and heterosexual has been blamed for everything from climate change, the existence of the Second Amendment, the self-inflicted woes of the black urban community, the election of Donald Trump, the heartbreak of psoriasis, and practically everything else that comes to the academic mind. All racism, all the time, dinned into the captive ears of students; and to what purpose? To make the those handing out the blame feel righteous, provide the dumb and dysfunctional with an excuse for their various failures, and to handicap the nominally ‘white’ of the present day by piling onto them a punishment for the supposed sins of their ancestors.

Frankly, I’m only surprised that whoever is responsible for distributing “It’s OK to be White” flyers and posters held out this long and confined themselves to voicing the sentiments in such a mild and non-confrontational manner, especially when compared to the ugliness in which anti-white sentiments have been expressed of late. So; are genuine white supremacists responsible for this outrage against the noble, good and woke? Myself, I think there might perhaps be two or three hundred hard-core white supremacists across the United States; not counting law-enforcement agents and paid informants. The weaponized autistics at 4chan tweaking the nose of authority for grins and giggles among their own? Or just ordinary students tired of their race being constantly dumped on, and trying their hand at trolling the wokiest? I’d bet on the latter, myself. The manner in which the various university and college authorities are going positively insane over the flyers is a bonus. Youth lives to rebel, after all.
Any insights to offer – feel free.

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  1. It is no longer OK to be white. If you are white, you are now an outlaw.

    Accord yourself appropriately.