20. December 2005 · Comments Off on Jackson Lee Jumps The Shark · Categories: GWOT, Politics, Stupidity

I have never had much respect for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D. TX). But, on today’s Kudlow & Co. on CNBC, she surpassed even her own level of idiocy: On the economy, it was just her whole stock monotone – “the only ones to benefit are the top 1%.” So Sheila, do I take it all the new jobs that have been created are for CEOs?

But then the discussion turned to the domestic (actually domestic/foreign) communications spying kerfuffle. And she issued a demand the Bush administration SHOULD RELEASE THE NAMES OF EVERY TARGET OF THE PROGRAM! It took me a minute to scrape my jaw off the floor after hearing this. As if our national security hasn’t been damaged enough already – let’s just compromise everything. What does she think this is, an Easter egg hunt?

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