20. July 2007 · Comments Off on Job Search Update · Categories: Memoir

Have three interviews next week.

One with a ginormous telecom, starting in their call center but my growth potential is very nice. Short term needs being stomped down by long term goals.

One with a temp agency that does 50% of the tech jobs here in the valley. Possibility of moving into another ginormous tech company’s pool, but I’d be a subcontractor to the temp.

One with a small company who needs an IT guy. Doubtful that I’d get close to the money I need.

Other leads are coming in daily and Beautiful Wife is also starting her job search because frankly, we simply can’t make it without her.

Say what you want about the AF, but I was making a lot more that I’m apparently worth on the outside.

I’m also not in Afghanistan for six months like the guy who took my place.

UPDATE: Beautiful Wife got a job with her old friends at the home-made jam and jelly place. Yeah!

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