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…but his writing lives on, I suppose as long as Jenny allows Patriot Flyer to stay up. Just like Radar, words fail me, but what better tribute than to point you to his writing here, or at his PF blog.

Go and see that he was able to attend his daughter’s wedding before he passed.

See what he did for the victims of Katrina.

And read his advice to his grandchildren; it is clear what kind of man he was:

6. Be prayerful. Your relationship with God is all-important. You can never have a relationship with anyone if you never talk to them. Pray in praise to God for His goodness, pray in thanksgiving for His gifts, pray in humility for His greatness in you, and pray in submission to His will in your life. Pray in love for His love, and for the love He has given you by sending His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for your sins. Seek His guidance and you can never go wrong.

I look forward to seeing you again, Joe. Thanks for everything.


PS Hope this is in keeping with Timmer’s suggestion.

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