11. July 2005 · Comments Off on Just a Few Thoughts, “War of the Worlds” · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Mean lil shites, aren’t they?

One woman in the row in front of me actually had to leave the theater.

Boyo thought it was “cool when they were blowing stuff up.” I swear they could make a movie simply called “Explosions” and the lad would be ecstatic. No one tell him about EOD, ‘k?

You think that by now I’d not be suprised that Tom Cruise can act. Yeah-yeah-yeah, he’s a meltdown in real life, but I’m okay with that. It’s not like he lives in my neighborhood.

Dakota Fanning is one of the coolest little kids on the planet.

I really liked the way the sound effect(s) from the original movie underlies the sound effects in this version. Very nicely done.

Eowyn’s pregnant? Way to go Farimir.

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