01. April 2005 · Comments Off on Just Got the Word… · Categories: General, Working In A Salt Mine...

The company I work for is closing down. The owner is gonna pull the plug, and I am going to be job hunting… again!
I will be the last one out the door, however, as we have a number of clients whose work will take a bit of time to wrap up. I will have a severance package and a salary up until August, and will be responsible for much of the wrapping up of the various loose ends.

If any concern in the San Antonio area is looking for an experienced office manager/admin assistant/production librarian with exceptional writing, data entry, and customer relations skilz… drop me a line!
And yes, I have already signed on with a couple of on-line services… hmmmm, it looks like the CIA is looking for former military personnel. I did have a secret clearance, but I suppose it has lapsed by now!

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