03. September 2006 · Comments Off on Just Gotta Say… · Categories: General

Sgt Mom and Cpl/Sgt/Student Blondie ROCK! I’m in San Antonio this weekend, and last night they treated me and a friend to a delightful evening of wine, dinner, great conversation and lots of attention from the two Weevils (both of whom are totally sweet).

AND I got to read part of “The Book.” All I can say is – “What are you doing reading this post, Julia? Get back to writing!

What I’ve read so far is well-written and interesting (my friend thought so, too). But I have to admit, I was torn between reading more chapters and talking with Blondie & Sgt Mom. Making me choose between reading and talking could be considered a mild form of torture.

Seriously, we had a great time, and it was wonderful to get to know these 2 ladies better (and the weevils, too).

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