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I do not consider myself much of anything beyond a guy who gets the job done. The whole concept or The Daily Brief to me was to express how those of us in the military and beyond have done this. This past week I traveled to Munich on business, and both in the coming and going I spent time with Army guys on rotation to and from Iraq. I also spent some time in Munich with troops (at the Hofbrauhaus) with unhappy wives and ready to go off at the least insult. Life is the same no matter what we do.\

Then I got this in response to my parody of the Cheney hunting accident:

    Hey Rupert, what a dumb fuck you are, just another Bush butt hole licking
    stupid Republican. It is really to bad that it was not the Nazi piece shit
    Cheney that got his head blown off, now that would have been really good
    news. It is so nice to see that the Shrub Boy and his culture of corruption
    are going down. God I hate Republicans.

    Fuck Off And Die, Dr. El Duko

I’ll field this one this as follows

Memo to El Duko and those of your ilk: (Daily Kos perhaps?)

I just returned from an overseas trip to find this little infected egg of wisdom in my mailbox. Your (cowardly) email, my response, and your counter-response are subject to publication – something that may seem a bit frightful to you given that you chose to make your intimidation private to my email. No hiding here slick. My piece actually, to me, was a little critical of all sides. You, El Duko, have actually confirmed the premise of an earlier piece that posited the there is little difference between the tactics of “Muslim Cartoon Protesters” and extreme democrats such as yourself.

I do not like the cronyism that seems to pervade this White House re. Michael Brown, Stuart Symington, etc. and I think that there is a tendency to circle the wagons. I won’t get over it and neither should you. Keep in mind though that RFK and Hoover at the FBI (presumably with JFK knowledge) wiretapped MLK, Bill Clinton got serviced, although technically not having had sex with that women. And who can forget the joke that Jimmy Carter made of the Presidency (and continues to even to this day). You are not even remotely in a position to know whether John Kerry is a War Hero – what would you know about that? I have seen your ilk my entire life. You were best characterized in Forrest Gump as the Nazi protestor, and your command of both language and context support this (btw, genius, I was there in the 60’s, 70’s – I know from whence I speak)

That’s it El Duko, I will never spend another millisecond responding to your vitriol. I do welcome a more reasoned response to future posts – in other words – grow up son.


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