16. November 2005 · Comments Off on Just Stop · Categories: Rant

I just spent some time surfing around some of the “left of center” weblogs and came away shaking my head. I know better. They just give me a headache. So do many “right of center” blogs, only they don’t seem so keen on insulting the military by telling us that they support us so much they want us to turn tail and run the hell out of Iraq and abandon those folks to the Islamic Fascists who keep blowing up people. They support us by continuing to send us into Iraq until we can catch all of those murdering bastards who are blowing up people. I wish they’d send more of us at once, but I’ve always been one for overwhelming force so the bad guys have to just smile, put up their hands and say, “Oh, okay, you win…my bad.” Then again, I don’t think the threat of nuking Mecca ought to be off the table either so I KNOW I shouldn’t be in charge. That doesn’t make me a Republican, that makes me the definition of a Chicago Democrat, just watch Sean Connery in The Untouchables again.

Okay, you want to believe that the Republicans were the only ones who thought there was WMD on the ground when we went into Iraq, completely ignoring your own party’s leaders throughout the 1990s? Fine. Run with it.

You want to believe that all war is evil and if we’d simply try to negotiate with the folks who want to either convert or kill you things would get all rosy and we’d get everyone together for a big ol’ rousing chorus of Kumbaya? Have at it. Do your best. I’ll even do one chorus of “Michael rowed his boat ashore…” for practice.

But for the love of whatever it is you call holy, quit telling me how much you support me while giving our enemy more and more Public Relations and Psy-Ops fodder for their media to inhale and vomit to their masses. Just quit. I don’t want you “looking out for me” by telling me we can’t win. I don’t want you supporting me by trying to give the bad guys a time-line on when we’ll be leaving so they can time more things blowing up to make it look like they ran us out of there. Quit going on TV shaking your head woe-fully at the number of our dead, making us look like a bunch of whiny-assed pathetic losers. If that’s support, please-please-please, go back to throwing stuff at me and spitting on me at the airport, at least it’s honest.

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